Welcome to Black Hill Basin Creations

When we started this adventure, our goal was to spend time together and utilize the amazing skills of our family to create amazing products that people would love.  By starting locally, we discovered there is a huge demand for these products. While we build memories in our family, we are building great products that your family can use to create memories in your family! We have expanded from horse shoe art to corn hole boards to water tumblers. We are always willing to discuss new ideas and products. If you have an idea of something you want done, be sure to email us!! 

6 horse shoe crosses on a red bard


Here are some examples of our wonderful work

We started this business with the horse shoe art, but we are constantly adding in new products! We now make custom Corn Hole Boards as well as custom water tumblers. These are made to order and can have just about any design you want! Be sure to use our custom order to place your orders!!

But we are not all horse shoes and water tumblers. We also have a great selection of custom made Chain Mail Jewelry and Rugs. Our Chain Mail Jewelry is all hand made and designed using the colors and patterns you request. These pieces are amazing and will be a unique piece that will be cherished forever. Our Rugs are made on our Loom, we can make them any color you request!

We Love to create new and interesting items. If there is a custom piece that you would like to have done, feel free to contact us using our forms for Custom Work.